Collection: Be Kind Box

Make a point to grab attention with getting a simple, sweet, but to the point message across to BE KIND.  For everyone you meet... is fighting a battle you know nothing about.  Be the reason someone smiles and laughs!  

***  THIS IS NOT A MONTHLY BOX.  THESE BOXES WILL BE AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES.  Need a special gift?  This box would be a perfect choice!!!

This box includes:

--> 20 oz 3/4 Tye Die 1/4 white glitter cup.  Tie Dye will wrap around 3/4 of the cup and have a black border.  The reamining 1/4 of the cup will be white.  Cup will have a full shimmering base.  The words Be Kind will be on the white part running vertical.  You can personalize this box with a name.  Name will be place on the Tie Dye section.

--> Tie Dye Be Kind Tshirt (please look under clothing for a picture of what the Tshirt will look like)

-- > Tie Dye Pen with 1 refill

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